Australia herb: Lemon Myrtle

Living in Australia means I have  whole new set of ingredients to cook with, some which I’ve never even heard of. Thanks to my new cooking  job, I also get access to things I might not normally get to. Introducing lemon myrtle.


Lemon myrtle is a citrus flavored spice plant native to Australia. Used in Australian cuisine, lemon myrtle is incorporated into in many different recipes. I like the intense lemon flavor. I’ve googled a bunch of ways to add it to everything from mains to desserts, and I’m going to be sharing all the recipes with you.

If you’re not in Australia, you can find lemon myrtle trees growing in some parts of China and SE Asia. Or purchase some whole leaves or ground mix online at websites I found here , here & here. The lemon myrtle tree is short in stature but can occasionally attain a height of over 60 feet (20 meters). The fragrant leaves are dark green. The small, cream-colored flowers of the lemon myrtle grow in clusters at branch tips throughout the summer season. The taste is bright and citrus-y, with a pronounced lemon flavor. The leaves may be used either fresh or dried. Dried leaves of good quality have an intense flavor that may rival the flavor of fresh leaves.

Have you ever heard of Lemon Myrtle?