London to Amsterdam-Stinky! Ready for a smoke?


So hello again. this is the best stop so far. i like the fact not much sun it suits me, since my eyes are a bit sensitve to the sun. Well we have been to coffeshops, mususems, and a canal boat tour. This computer sucks that i am onnnnn i cant get the n to come out!! will write back when get to better facilities. Bye for ow.
p.s. youth hostelview is over one of the canals,its great. 😉
Allright well today is Thursday, its nighttime, and it was just hailing here,.Acutall hail little balls fell from the sky, and me and this girl that is staying in the room that ive got with kristina, she wanted to go to the internet as well, and Kristina wanted to stay and drink the bottle of rose wine that we got yesterday, so me and this chick come out and everyone is waiting for the shower to pass meanwhile we are getting hailed on. Funny. Came back to Aamsterdam and caught a tram to the Heinicken Expereince Amsterdam!!. I am sure i am spelling things wroing, today the space bar is getting kind of stuck. The beer was good, 3 smallglasses included in your ticket, and a nice suvinier at the end. Ahh the smell of marijuana is everywhere, it’s permeated into the very city itself. Quite a mild andpleasant smell. I have visited some coffeshops and some more coffeshops.Just checking.:-) ….Also went to see the hookers. Very funny to see them so close. I guess hail must ruin business for them, i hope they are ok! Aamsterdam has been very fun, very seedy, very dingy, some nice towns surrounding it though.SO many people here, just all over,on bikes(and no they dont stop for you.)And the electric tram which we seem to always want to get run over by because we always forget to look. And lets not forget the peoplejust walking and talking and smoking. Very cool. This has been the dirtiest place so far, its funny- the grabage men come out at night and they clean the trash and sweep up the street, every night. its like they wait for the shit to accumulate during the day and then at night they go to town. Its something everyone should experience though. We were actually hit on by this 40 year old man, i guess he was needing some money and he offered himself to us, its hysterical!! Its a city that sort of lives by its own rules. God bless the mayor of Amsterdam!! Tomorrow we will be making our way towards Paris.-city of love.