Train ride to Cork

Hello to all again!

Wow what a rowdy night its been..Cristina met up with her friend Colin that actually is from Dublin and he decided to take us to the local bars and skip the tourist scene (which was fine with me-Temple bar was a bit expensive anyways) so we went to the loveliest pubs and, no, i did not have a Guiness ( i dont even think i am spelling it right, (bollocks!) see how I picked up the local slang already?

So off we went and last stop after many many many Stellas, and a smoke or two, we ended up at the Viper Room, and contrary to what i thought these guys over here listen to the same freakin musiq that we do!!!
The club was BUMPPINN….Cris and I wanted to dance so we hit the dance floor and all the boys made way for the two spanish girls. :-) they must have thought we were nuts,!!…Colin had some friends of his that showed up and we just had a great ol time getting sweaty and jammin out to 50 cent, method man, black eyed peas, it totally ROCKED!!

Needless to say when we left we were smashed, but coherent, and I was taxied off back to my hotel by go ol’ Colin and Cris, where we said our goodbyes at 5 am and then, I tried to have a smoke off a window down the hall from my room, and I was chased outside by the lobby front dude. He was freakin out like i was smokin crack or something. Crazy.

Anyways he just said I had to go out to smoke which i did, and I liked the place so I might try to stay there on Friday night, I might meet up with Colin to have a bit more fun with the lightlife….what can I say here in Ireland they really know how to party and break it down!!! I’ve arrived in Cork, the train ride was very beautiful, I was advised to take a bus to the train station in Dublin, seeing as how its easier to not have to walk with 20 pounds on your back when the bus was only 1 Euro.

I got to the train station and quickly took my ticket to get validated, managed to make the 10:55 bus. I was originally going to take the afternoon bus but shit I was hungover, and I had gone to the supermarket and bought half a loaf of bread and cheese and ham to make sandwiches so I wanted to get on the train asap. When I say I barely made it- I almost had to wait for the later train I had to run, everyone was running to make it so what the hell.

I made it to Cork around 1:30, feeling much better after 2 tylenols a sandwich and a bannana, and found the hostel quickly, its pretty cool. I daresay there is an art to learning how to shower with one hand whilst holding the water button with the other, but the water was hot and it felt good. At one point I looked under and I saw a pair of mens feet on the other side, and then when I was leaving this guy opens the door and hes like oh, sorry, and then he asks, this is the mens bathroom too? I smile and say yes. I’m a pro already.

Some pics from Cork: