Top picks for Malaysia Borneo

We’ve recently done a 25 day trip through Malaysia Borneo. As I have yet to write about our adventures, I wanted to post up a short list with photos of our favorite stops. Although expensive on a backpacker budget, we loved exploring the diverse activities.


We didn’t trek Mount Kinabalu as we knew we’d spend a lot of time diving so we’ve decided to come back to it. Besides a day trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which is made up of 5 separate islands (of which we visited two), in Sabah the star of the show for us was diving the islands of Mabul, and the mind-blowing Sipadan.

School of Jackfish

I’m convinced the diving at Sipadan is definitely deserving of the honor of being one of the top 5 dive sites in the world. Incredible diversity, sharks, turtles, coral in such variety of color I am afraid I’ve been spoiled forever and no dive site will ever compare. I hope I am wrong, but we dived Sipadan on Christmas day and it was one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received.

Our bungalow on the Island of Mabul, complete with puppy.



Niah Caves

My experience at the Niah Caves was slightly tainted by the fact that I sprained my ankle badly right as we were leaving the cave, but it was still a nice cave to visit.

A passage in the Niah cave system

Mulu National Park

Walking with a bum ankle, we explored the caves at Mulu the best we could and I hobbled through some of the largest cave systems in the world.

We made it to Deer Cave!

The best part for me, though, was the night walk that they offered at the park. I love walking around at night looking at all the insects that come out after dark! Check out a photo of these insects! The female is the large one.

The male is hanging on for dear life.

Bako National Park

The highlight of our trip to this region though, was a 3 day/2night trip to Bako. We took a bus from Kuching to the Bako Market, where you journey to the park by boat. We enjoyed hiking and were lucky enough to get to see this beauty:

Hello gorgeous.

I have so many adventure stories to share with you from Borneo. It was an exciting part of my journey and I hope I get to visit again soon. Look for my stories on diving, monkey searching, and cave exploration coming up soon! The best part about visiting Borneo was that it was not on our original itinerary and I think sometimes the best trips are the ones that are not planned.

There are so many things to do in Borneo: trekking through jungles, tasting delicious local food, camping, even golf. An astonishing number of golf courses exist here. And these days, with pro golfers like Michelle Wie showing us the ropes, I think next time around we might even get into a game of golf! 


  • Michael says:

    I hear those dogs on Mabul flock to those who can only be described as “Devilishly Handsome”. Just a rumor. I think I heard it on Snopes.


    • Mica says:

      That must be a false rumor however I think I’d have to go back to be sure. Lets arrange it. Snap! I found that photo, can’t tell who looks happier you or the dog <3

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