Video: Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered Market in Paris


Take a tour with us through the Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered market in Paris. This market was established in the 1600’s and was destroyed in the 1980’s, but the residents rebuilt it. The name literally means “ Market of the Red Children” and it comes from a nearby 17th century orphanage where the children wore red uniforms. 


The Marche des Enfants Rouges was a lovely market that you’d really have to be looking for or you’ll miss it. Tucked away in the historic northern part of Le Marais, this market had beautifully cut flowers, fruits and veggies of all kinds, but the best part was the cooked food selection on offer. 

Paris Market

Parisians flocked to the sandwich stall where the show of making the sandwich was almost as good as the sandwich itself, or if not you’ve got the north African pots all bubbling over with tagines and couscous. Incredible. We walked quietly through the stalls, admiring the cheese & wine and kicking ourselves because we knew we’d be leaving without charcuterie. A few blocks away I found the most fabulous store with so many kinds of pig that my mouth watered and I didn’t want to leave. Watch this video and make sure to visit this historic market on your next trip to Paris.


Market Hours:

Closed on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  8:30-1PM and 4PM-7: 30PM
Friday, Saturday- 8h30AM-1PM and 4PM-8PM
Sunday: 8:30AM–2PM

Metro: Filles- Calvaire or Temple


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