Travel Summary

Solo Trips by year (I’m only really counting since I turned 21-before then there were countless trips to visit family in Puerto Rico, all over the east coast with my family, and a crazy trip in the winter with my parents to┬áNiagara Falls.)

-2001,2003,2004 Canada

-2005 Ireland, England, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy

-2006 Arizona, Vegas

-2007 Oregon, Utah,

-2007 Peru, Argentina, Chile

-2007 California

-2008 California, Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona, Miami

-2010 Peru, Bolivia

-2011 Peru, Bolivia


Travel Trips together with Mike

-2007 Hawaii

-2007 Tijuana

-2008 Peru, Argentina Chile

-2008 Drove my car from California to Miami

-2009 Guatemala, Belize city, Caye Caulker

-2009 Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize City

-2009 Jamaica

-2009 Colombia

-2009 St. John & St.Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

-2009 New Orleans

-2010 Venezuela, Colombia

-2011 Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Singapore….upcoming: Malaysia Borneo, Bali ……??