Midafternoon murders and meeting up with friends

Holey Moley what traffic….thats what happens when you decide to shoot people right before our arrival. It forces our cab driver to drive down wrong way streets to get us to Antigua. A normal 45 minute ride was turned into a 3 hour ride. He assured us this wasn’t normal. Leaving the airport with an Israeli backpacker who was silent most of the trip, about halfway there, the taxi driver tried to fleece us out of some more money than we had agreed upon for the ride to Antigua. I flew into a Spanish fit of anger, cursing, hissing, and almost snarling when the driver assured me he’d take what I gave him and made do with the manager. We still tipped him when we got to Antigua, he did almost breakneck speed to get us there and rest assured we’d not gotten there faster any other way. But already trying to get jipped and we just got here. Eh. Take me to Antigua to see Jess and Lisa.
Ended up at the Monoloco, waited for the girls to have a Gallo…oh wait, that was Gallo II. We had one as soon as we got in the bar. Oh yea, and this past month they banned smoking in the bars. Just our luck.So the gorgeous girls showed up and we had a couple Gallos. Jess told us she wanted to take us to this earthlodge the next day, a farm with avocados and mountains. Sounded good already. We’d be driven up there and dropped off, and have to walk a bit to get to the earthlodge. They have treehouses available to rent too. I think the website is earthlodge.com . We ate at the Monoloco too, good American-ish food. Hit the spot. Sometimes that’s all you need it to do.
Mike of course let the way back to our hotel, which was , once we got to the plaza central, three blocks up left then pass the church, something like this. I’d ask everyday , my sense of direction seemed gone in Antigua, all the streets looked the same, but they had a great number system going on I was just lost in all the fun. And happy to be following someone who knew the way at the end of a long day.

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  • Jess says:

    We had such a great time when Mike and you came to visit in Antigua! Why have I not seen this website yet? I’ve totally been living in JessanJamieland, i’m sorry! Oh, and I LOVE the site, it’s about time you have a proper blog.

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