Miss your NFL while traveling? Alternative options to getting your sports fix overseas

Every once in a while I miss having the roar of football games echoing through the apartment. Back in the good ol’ days I owned a Slingbox and had it set up in a spare bedroom of my parent’s house. I’d stream whatever games and shows  I could from their DVR to where ever I was in the world. Fairly convenient until I sold my poor Slingbox. I found many different solutions that worked some which were expensive and others that just weren’t feasible in terms of bandwidth. Here are my current favorite ways to watch live sports while I am away:

Slingbox, we miss you so


If you are a die hard fan and just need your football without complications you can purchase a GamePass subscription through the nfl.com website. Currently at US$149.99 for the rest of this seasons games including the playoffs and Superbowl.




Discouraged by the initial price of the subscription ($49.99) I just watched via text updates on ESPN.com. Until I found this deal. 

Not bad for the rest of the season AND the AT BAT 12 App.  I know not everyone wants to purchase a subscription, but it definitely has its pros.You can stream to your phone, tablet, PC, and Media players like the WDTV Live Hub.  All the stats are easy to get to and you can watch ANY game overseas regardless of blackout restrictions. Needless to say they made me a fan of the whole package.


GameTime is their all-in-one streaming package. $199 to start the season. Same price as most of the other sports.


Who am I kidding no one is going to pay for these subscriptions!  Just go to the WiziWig forums and download the latest version of StreamTorrent.

Find the stream you want to watch in the forums and click on the one that has the best connection for you (higher the bit rate better the quality)  There usually is some kind of delay prior to the feed coming in, but it is by far the simplest method.

Other streaming resources include Here,   here , and here.

Care to add any other options for streaming sports? Share with us in the comments below!





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