200 Year Old building turned contemporary hotel in Istanbul’s historic center- our hotel favorite is the Modern Sultan

In the heart of Sultanahmet, the old city of Istanbul, with rare views to the Hagia Sofia, we found the Modern Sultan Hotel to be bursting with charm and hospitality

The Modern Sultan Hotel was opened just over 7 years ago by 2 Canadians, Jeannie & Rhonda. Having been involved in tourism for several years they wanted to open a hotel that would specifically cater to their North American clients. They renovated this lovely, 200 year old building, which is in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul, known as the ‘historic quarter’, or ‘old city’.

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We really loved the story behind this hotel- it had been owned by one family since it was built. Many of their children were born in the building and when the Canadians turned it into a hotel, the tradition was carried on when Jeannie’s baby (Leyla) was born there! We had a chance to meet Leyla and she’s precious. Intelligent as well, she’s just a child and she speaks almost 4 languages!

Lets show you the inside now, below is room 302. I loved the gold lamé details on the ceiling and the contrasting colorful walls.

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The hotel has 10 rooms with 3 family suite rooms, accommodating families of all sizes, or couples wanting a quiet retreat with the best view the area has to offer. Walk a few minutes in any direction and you’ll end up at the best historical sights such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Basilica Cistern, and many more.

The second time we stayed here, we were given room 402 and I fell in love- purple is my favorite color, this room was made for me!

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I appreciated the little refrigerators in the rooms filled with water and sodas, and the rooms were spotless. Even the bathrooms sparkled.

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Our favorite bit about these rooms was the view to the Hagia Sofia. The call to prayer was not too loud for us, although maybe I’m just used to it since I’ve heard it in different places all over the world. Waking up to this view every day put us in a great mood instantly.

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The breakfast was more than adequate for us, and we love big breakfasts. Orange & cherry juices, coffee, cereals, fruit, eggs- don’t forget about the typical Turkish offerings like olives, cucumbers, cheese & tomatoes if that is what you were after. We were also served freshly cooked french toast which we coated with butter and honey. When you’ve had a great breakfast then you’ll be energized and ready to hit the pavement and do some exploring!

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When we are in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, this is our recommended place to stay. We have stayed here twice already, and the customer service is exceptional. The staff here goes above and beyond what is normal to make you feel welcome, and we really feel like part of the family. The hotel was sold again recently but Jeannie has stayed on as a consultant so you might see her around.

While we would not consider this a budget hotel, we feel the price is a good representation of the service and quality we expect. The hotel is tucked away so the noise level is minimal. Location is excellent. Air conditioning in all the rooms. Free wifi too. All you can eat breakfast is included in the price. The rooms are spotless. Everything we need and more!

On our last visit I needed something late at night from a pharmacy, and while they all seemed to be closed- the night attendant went out immediately and found the item I needed, afterwards refusing to take payment for the item from us. You can’t buy that type of kindness. This is why we recommend this place. Superior customer service.

A big Thank You to Guljahan, Maria, Osman, Jeannie, and anyone else I missed- for making us feel so welcome. 

The details: Modern Sultan Hotel Website

Find them on Facebook: Modern Sultan Hotel Facebook Page

Note: Our first visit was for 3 nights which we paid for, & on our second visit the hotel kindly agreed to host us for 1 of our nights. We paid the full rate for the other night. All opinions are definitely our own and we would stay here again in a heartbeat. 


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