My first full year as a gypsy! Updated travel plans

I’m very excited to announce that 2011 will be the first year that I spend entirely on the road….My first full year as a gypsy! As the plans unraveled I hardly gave it a thought and as I sit in my apartment here in Cusco, I find myself completely at ease as I truly believe I was meant to be on the road full time. The excitement of getting to live once again in my favorite city for 6 months-well, I’m settling in quite fantastically and every day I look forward to walking the streets of this ancient city and feeling its energy.

And, finally, the trip we’ve been talking about for 2 years is finally going to happen-my first time touring Asia. We’ll be off for an indefinite amount of time, no rush at all. Right now on the list are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. After that, we’ll see. At the moment I am taking suggestions outside of what we’re already visiting! Any place in particular we should go?

updated travel itinerary for 2011:

Feb 2011- Back to Peru to live in Cusco and try to find teaching work with my new TEFL certificate. I’m also going to travel around parts of Peru I’ve missed over the years.

Length of trip: 6 Months

August-ish? : Asia

While I’m in Peru I’ll be looking up my friends that live in the city and backpacking to different parts of Peru (hopefully in the north). If your travel plans bring you through Cusco anytime between mid-February & July,  lets plan for a travel meetup! Food/Drinks, or a meal.  When I upgrade to my larger apartment in April, I plan on hosting couchsurfers as well. Stay in touch on Twitter or on Facebook.

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