New Zealand farm tour

New Zealand farm tour anyone?

As we pondered over something different we could do while in Te Anau, I saw farm tours pop up on the Fiordland National park website and since we had never done anything like it, we contacted the lovely folks over at Radford Motel- who owned the privately run farm and asked them to take us on a tour. They came to collect us at our caravan park and drove us back to the farm to meet everyone!

New Zealand South Island Farm Tour

I grew up in Miami- on the beach and no where near a farm. I was so excited to hold these little baby lambs (ewes) I wanted to run away with them! So cute.

New Zealand Farm Tour


These deer look like they might bolt, but I think its their ‘curious’ face.


We had some afternoon tea and home made scones right from the kitchen of Kerri and Steve James, the owners of the farm. Their daughter Shelley made us a picnic here and we enjoyed the view with our snack. The hospitality of these friendly people is what makes us recommend them if you’d like to discover what a working farm is like in New Zealand.

And then, this happened!


This mama gave birth to this little ewe seconds before we spotted her. We photographed and took video from a distance as so not to disturb her and her newborn.


Settling in nicely, as babies in nature mostly do.

If you have children who love animals, this is a great idea for something to do in Te Anau. Alas we don’t have children but we loved learning about the animals and admiring the gorgeous views as we gleefully rode on the back of the ATV . You can read about their farm tour and how to schedule one for yourself at their website.

Have a look at our video of the farm tour. We hope you enjoy it and leave a comment below telling us if you liked it or not:


If you are interested in staying at their property Radfords Motel on the shores of lake Te Anau, you can also contact them at their Facebook page.


*We received a 2 for 1 Tour, but they did not ask us to wait so long to post our review or to fall in love with the little lambs. We also did not stay at their lovely property as we had our Campervan at the Caravan Park.