Night market in Kota Kinabalu: a (bloody) photo essay

Finding a cheap meal is an adventure worth undertaking.

The night market in Kota Kinabalu is right along the water’s edge and seems to stay open incredibly late. You’ve got your tourist-y restaurant options, or you can walk along the smokey stalls until you find one with the fish you’d like to eat. It’s a seafood lover’s dream. All kinds of fish, crabs, anything you can think of. Pick it, tell them how you want it cooked (bbq, fried, ect) and sit at a sticky table and slurp on a fresh fruit drink while you wait. There is also a separate section with cooked food, but when I’m by the seaside, I want fresh fish.

I know you wish you could tear this up right now huh?

After our meal, we literally rolled ourselves off the chairs and headed over to the other part of the night market. As we walked along, the blood from the fish ran all over the concrete, threatening to seep through the soles of my cheap sandals.

The vendors holler out prices in a singsong voice to attract the most attention.

When I remember Kota Kinabalu, these are some of the images that come to mind.



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