Ola Ka Ha at Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-12

The 2nd Annual Ola Ka Hā Celebration struck a chord today and filled the grounds of the former royal palace with the sweet sound of Hawaiian music.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-12

Ola Ka Hā took place at the historic Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the US.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-1

The local Hawaiian music community put on a wonderful all day free concert. People brought their families, some chairs and blankets and set up under the trees.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-4

Although I didn’t know much about the performers, I could hear it clearly that they were all incredibly talented.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-5

While I listened to the music, I browsed the tents set up with local Hawaiian arts and crafts. And who can resist a good lemonade?

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-2

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-6

Since you technically can’t purchase anything from palace grounds, they set up a booth where you’d purchase a scrip, or ticket. One scrip=$1. I needed some to get my lemonade. And extra just in case, you know. For hot dogs.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-3

Towards the end, a woman got up to dance. I thought she looked beautiful swaying and moving her arms so gracefully.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-9

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-10

Everyone was sitting so peacefully on the grass, listening to the music. Sometimes, a light mist would drizzle down from the sky, but the rain stayed away, mostly.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-8

I hope this continues in the years to come (and grows) as it was so nice to just listen to music all day. Hawaiian music is just beautiful.

Iolani Palace-Ola Ka Ha Festival-11

The Ola Ka Hā celebration granted free admission for those with local ID, including the basement exhibits which are usually additional to the entrance fee. I could hear the music inside the palace which added to the audio tour effect, making it easier to imagine it the way it was back then.

Have a listen to the music!

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