On horseback in the Egyptian Desert

By the time I got to Dahab, I was exhausted. Tired, dusty and cold. I partnered with Roomorama and stayed at the Dahab Plaza Hotel for a week to catch up with my writing and to relax before my whirlwind press trip to Jordan. The weather in Egypt so far had been pleasantly cool during the days and downright chilly at night. I’d spent 10 months in SE Asia so I was not completely prepared for the cold. I was planning on basking in the warm sunny Dahab days.

Spending all my time in the hotel left the manager entirely confused. He constantly asked me if I was alright, seeing as how I only emerged from my room for meals. I was editing photos day and night, taking advantage of the good internet connection. I was really enjoying the downtime. I reassured him I was doing fine and that one day I’d come out and book some activities, one of which involved a couple of hours riding horseback through the desert.

I love horseback riding and I tried to make sure he got me a horse that was well treated and a guide that would let me gallop all over the place. Not so sure we scored on the first one, but we sure did gallop all over the desert for a few hours.

This was the perfect activity: I could observe the desert mountains and the beautiful oceanfront while my mind wandered. Late in the afternoon the wind picked up and my poor young guide tucked himself further down into his shirt to keep the sand out of his eyes.

After galloping past these camels loosely roaming around, we slowly headed back into town. Dahab, with its delicious food, warm sunny days and friendly people were making me realize I was going to miss Egypt more than I thought.

If you’re keen on horseback riding in Dahab, I recommend it. It was safe and fun. We rode along the beach for miles and saw no one except the guards at the fancy 5 star hotels and a few scattered guests. Either horseback or camel rides are a good way to take in some scenery but letting someone else do all the hard work for you! Just hold on tight and enjoy. I wish I had made some time for some excursions in Sharm El Sheikh, but you have to leave some things for the next time around. Holiday excursions to Sharm El Sheikh will need to be planned in the future for the months of March or April. It was a little too cold for swimming in the ocean- diving would have been ideal but I was planning on diving in Aqaba just across the border so I’m just going to save it for next time.

Name somewhere you’ve traveled to that you unexpectedly became rather fond of! Leave your comments below!


  • Lovely photos. I’ve never heard of anyone horseback riding in the desert in Egypt, sounds like a great idea though.

  • Shalu Sharma says:

    Egypt looks fascinating not only in terms of what it can offer but also what you can do. Didn’t realise you can also go on horses along with camels in the Egyptian desert.

    • Mica says:

      I also did not realize you could ride horseback, I really missed riding and although the camel is traditional I really just wanted to be on a horse!

  • Lovely photos! I enjoyed many time this fun, I love horseback riding too much. I spend my vacation only to enjoy horseback riding with my friends and my sweet heart.

    • Mica says:

      I don’t ride as much as I want to, but I will go back and ride a camel since I missed out! I do love horses.

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