Life in a Borneo forest-photos on the path of the Paku Waterfall, Mulu National Park

Paku Waterfall   Mulu National Park

With a bum ankle any kind of cave exploration seemed a few days off so we decided on the short hike to Paku Waterfall inside of Mulu National Park. Our bungalow was inside the park and on the same path as the waterfall- they made it easy for us.


It had rained the night before so the forest a few meters from the actual waterfall was ankle deep in water in some spots. We voted to head back, but I was not disappointed since I saw such impressive scenery along the way.

If you’re visiting Mulu National Park, this was a nice quiet alternative walk to all the caving. No guide required for this hike as do many others.

Do as much as you can, the photographic opportunities are endless.


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