Paragliding over the blue lagoon in Oludeniz, Turkey

We were craving an adventure sports activity so we did some research online and booked a paragliding trip with SkySports Paragliding in Oludeniz. Two reasons for this: they had the best safety record, and we still hadn’t been to Oludeniz even thought it was only about 1.5 hours away from the housesit. 

Nicolet from SkySports suggested the afternoon paragliding and I agreed as I wanted the sun to be as low in the sky as possible and maybe to be lucky enough to see the sun set afterwards. We got pumped up as soon as we arrived as Oludeniz is incredibly beautiful- the color of the sea was spectacular, better than Fethiye which I had wrongly assumed to be one of the best beaches around. I wanted to go swimming immediately but we had better plans- launching ourselves off the side of a mountain!

Paragliding Oludeniz Turkey

We all boarded up into the van and made our way up the mountain as techo music somehow got turned on and it started to pump me up even more. It took about 30 minutes to get all the way to the top by that time I was so ready to get going! Paragliding however, is one of those sports that can’t be rushed as its all about the wind. 




The drop site is a big concrete runway of sorts and we hung around watching the wind change directions for a bit. Suddenly someone’s sails would catch wind and they’d run to the edge and gracefully float away. Mike was the first to go, and our friend Katie was more relaxed after watching his takeoff. 


With paragliding your job as the tandem rider is minimal- you get strapped to the front of your instructor, and when he gives the signal, you walk quickly forward, then run until you get to the edge, and as you float away sit back in your seat and enjoy the views! Pretty easy, and a lot of fun.


Oludeniz has a blue lagoon as you can see in the top center of this photo above. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and floating along you get to see Butterfly valley to the north, the towns all scattered and of course right below the beach at Oludeniz and the colors of the water made this a picture perfect spot for paragliding. 

The SkySports team were pros and we got some great photo & video coverage- photos in this post and the video go in a seperate post so you can get a sense of what landing and paragliding is all about! If you go with a reputable company this is a really fun & safe activity, not to mention the views! We hit about 3,000 feet, feeling like birds gliding around in the air.

Thanks to Nicolet and the whole group at SkySports for keeping us safe and helping us have a great flight! If you want to check out paragliding in Oludeniz, head over to the SkySports Paragliding website for prices and info. Here is their Facebook page as well, we definitely recommend them for paragliding!


*We received a small discount for our flight and I appreciate them giving me some complimentary photos, but they did not ask us to jump off the side of a mountain or write a favorable review. All opinions as always, are our own! 


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