Peruvian amazon jungle camping- sometimes, it’s an itchy love affair

Peruvian amazon jungle camping- sometimes, it’s an itchy love affair

I was told the best way to find animals in the jungle was to camp out and go exploring at nighttime.

Here is a photo story of those adventures.

camping in the jungle

The jungle was full of movement. I found dozens of butterflies and quietly spied on monkeys. My guide David pointed out animal tracks, plants, and I tried to ask as many questions as possible. There is really so much to take in. That night with our flashlights ready we set out.

I was to never give my back to the open space. Always keep trees at your back, just in case the jaguar decided to come from behind and try to eat you. Shit. Maybe I should go back and hide in my tent and eat that chocolate I brought with me.

I was not sure if I was happy or relieved we didn’t see anything larger than a little bug that night. I mean, the animals were out there. They could also hear us, and I’m assuming they were trying to stay as far away as possible.

jungle observations

Camping out by the river I watched the sun fade behind the trees. That night, while we discussed the stars, we were able to make out some fisherman on the other side of the river .

We had a whole conversation with them by flashlight. Not kidding. Pretty surreal.

Camping at the edge of the river

River Sunsets

The bugs were out of control. Tiny black pests sucked blood from every inch of my skin and I suffered. I think my excitement at the bonfire and waking up on the banks of the river saved my mood. Still, I spent the night swatting myself. I’d been living in the jungle a few weeks already and I didn’t have many bites. I guess these bugs tried to make up for that.

Big bonfires by the river

Morning and riverside camping

I woke up feeling like a kid again- I couldn’t wait to peek outside the tent. Yup, I had survived a night by the river. We spent the morning swimming and sunning.

Working hard in the jungle had its rewards, that’s for sure.

David somehow saw this fish and jumped into the river to catch it. True story.

Do the mosquitoes do a number on your skin? Or are you one of the lucky ones that they somehow aren’t attracted to?


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