Photos from Madaba: remnants of 1 million mosaics

Madaba is a town best known for its mosaics, especially a large Byzantine-era mosaic map of The Holy Land. Traveling 30k’s southwest of Jordan, I stopped in to learn about its popular Saint George Church and hear some stories about its miracles.

The Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George in Madaba

Within its crumbling floor, Saint George contained a treasure.

Mosaics at Madaba

The mosaic contains the earliest representation of Byzantine Jerusalem, which was known as the Holy City. The map provides important details as to its 6th century landmarks. This map is one key in developing knowledge about the physical layout of Jerusalem after its destruction and rebuilding in 70 AD.

Mosaic floor

The Church was so colorful. We stumbled in out of the rain, the drops thundering across the rooftops and dripping off of our clothing. The hall had a cloudy light and for a few moments we were the only few in the quiet church.

Saint George

The photo on the right, below, had a story I still remember now. The painting apparently produced several miracles including one I believe was a person who walked again? Not sure of the details but the painting would cry red blood and did so on several occasions with witnesses telling the tale.

This photo shows all the letters people stuffed into a side frame downstairs, praying for miracles for their loved ones. 

Letters of prayers and secret messages

There are other mosaics to see in Madaba besides this one, however none as large. I am including a short video which tells a bit about the map and what happened to it.