Photos from Molokai: lost in paradise

We ran away recently and got lost in the magic that is Molokai island: quiet, breezy, easy. 

‘Drive Slow’, says the sign as we’re driving away from the airport. So we did. Real slow.

Here are 10 photos from our road trip to inspire you to venture Molokai way. I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back. 

To sunrise views from my tent.

Molokai road trip-6

Molokai road trip-1

Molokai road trip-4

To road trips on small highways with no street lights or even many cars.

Molokai road trip-2

BW Sunrise Molokai

To see this viewpoint on a sunny day. Even better, to get down to the valley below.

Molokai road trip-3

Halawa Valley -1

Kakahaia Park Sunset Molokai

Halawa valley overlook

Molokai road trip-5

Which of these photos from Molokai makes you want to drop everything and run away to Molokai?

And only a 20 min flight from Honolulu….