2 thumbs up eatery in Phuket- The Cook

The Cook is a fantastic western food eatery in Phuket that we discovered on a walk. It’s run by Tam Buntam, a former pastry chef who used to work over at Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort. Pretty snazzy credentials right?

Tam definitely brought his own touch here because in all of our months in Thailand, this was the first time we were seeing things like creme brulee and berry cheesecake, that actually looked yummy and edible.

We ate here several times, with Mike being particularly fond of the Tom Yam Pizza, which had a nice little spice to it. We took these pics on the iphone.

Mike loves his pizza

The foods are budget friendly and the desserts were so good. Really good. I tested them myself!

Blueberry greatness

We enjoyed being able to have pizza that tasted like someone put some effort into it- the service was friendly, the chef came out to check on us, and I could stare at the dessert case while I ate. Pizza and cheesecake? Anyday.

Panna Cotta? Who knew we could find that here?

If you get a craving for good pizza and resonably priced desserts, stop in to The Cook.

A photo of the address for you!

The Cook is located next to Sinthawee Hotel on Phang Nga Road.

*Photo courtesy of Asia Direct

I know if we head back to Phuket we will be stopping in here to pick up some desserts! The berry cheesecake was a top pick. If it’s available, I’d recommend that. We did have different options of desserts on our visits. While we were dining, we witnessed locals stopping in to pick up some tasty sweets to go, which was good to see that everyone liked Tam’s desserts!

Not a cheap cookie, but oh so good.


Have you been to The Cook? Give it a try and let us know how you liked it!


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