Praying for a gust of wind

What a hot sweaty day. After the night of the flying roaches I am dreading the sunsets. We woke up with the steamy sun invading the tent. I think I lost weight sleeping last night. That’s how hot it is here. I really thought the weather would  cool down, or that we’d get an ocean breeze being in a tent right next to the ocean. We could hear the waves but there is no breeze to be found. Damnit. The only thing to do is stay in the water. So taking our towels the few feet to the white sandy beach we lay and tanned. The beach here is beautiful, its only accessible if you are staying at the campground so at least we only get other campers laying about. I ate pringles  and wondered why I’d forgotten to bring a book. Well, we did bring the snorkel gear so we set out to observe what was below the refreshing ocean waves. I saw many other people snorkeling so I knew there was some life and color down there. We got hungry and made some lunch back at the tent and broke open our bottles of rum for some rum punch. What happened next, well, I think the rum took over and by the end of the afternoon we were running up and down the beach drunk and happy. Not too bad.