Rafting down the river and the long walk home

We set out today intent on rafting down the river to the town of Salvacion to visit what I was told was a large lagoon.

Debz and I on the river

Dante guided our raft downstream, while David and Armin floated by like bad asses on a wooden raft.

Awesome shot I got of David and Armin floating in front of us on the wooden raft

I was trying to figure out if I’d be better off on the wooden raft or with Deborah, as Dante reached down mid-ride to re-inflate our raft.

The boys again

We arrived to the town of Salvacion intent on going for a tour of the lagoon, where there was a great chance we’d see the prehistoric looking Hoatzin, a bird local to this area.

The crazy looking Hoatzin

As we walked through the jungle we saw dozens of Hoatzins-perched on branches peering at us curiously. They were the strangest looking birds I’d ever seen.

Path to the lagoona

We walked across wooden bridges that resembled balance beams.

When we reached the lagoon I was surprised. I assumed it would be much bigger.

First views of the Lagoona

Nevertheless, it was impressive. And silently beautiful.


We paid the small entrance fee, and hopped aboard our ride to begin our short tour.

Our transportation for our little trip around the lagoon

It was so quiet there- David, our guide, told us to keep our voices down as so not to scare the wildlife.

More Hoatzins

The lagoon provided some mountain views

I got a peek at this bird

Unfortunately, I only had my waterproof camera which doesn’t have a great zoom. The birds seemed far off in my viewfinder.

After visiting the lagoon, we headed back into town on foot. Left to purchase some supplies, we all split up for a while. Realizing that time had gotten the best of us, we scrambled to find transportation back to where we’d left the raft.

It seems we were too late-Dante gave us the news that we’d have to walk hours back to town.

As night filled the sky we were careful of snakes in the road and tried not to get run over by passing motorcycles and buses. I was wearing galoshes and I could feel the blisters forming. I knew I was going to need a strong drink when we got home.

The long way home

Without posting any photographic evidence lets just say Deborah and I had a strong drink….or three. I’ll leave it at that.



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