Review of New Trent IMP120D External Battery pack

New Trent IMP120D- Portable Battery juice while on the road

For as far as I can remember I have always been in love with technology and their corresponding electronics. The biggest problem these days for us is keeping them powered when we need them- seemed like I’d been hearing “baby my phone is dying!” way to often. Or getting the sad face on a long haul flight when Mica’s iPod goes into the red. We found a good solution in the New Trent IMP120D.

Battery pack Trent

NEW TRENT: iCarrier IMP120D

The IMP20D is a portable external battery pack that can provide quite a bit of power for that long flight, on the road while camping, or just laying on the beach listening to music. The unit is unassuming in size at just a touch larger than my iPhone 4 and weighs  in at a little more than 10 ounces (which happens to be almost double of my phone).  It has two USB outputs with output 2 putting out 2.1 amps making this a prime candidate to charge both your tablet and phone at the same time.

I have owned this unit since February 2013 and since then it has been in my electronics bag getting down to business.  Not even 30 minutes after it being fully charged I got a chance to try it out as my car charger decided to go kaput. Since then it has lived in my backpack or front pocket.


Size comparison next to our iphone.


– Charges an iPhone 4 twice and an iPad 1 continuously over the course of  12 hours in Guam still leaving two dots of charge left. (Out of three)

– Fits in a day pack so you can charge things on the go.

– Fits in your cargo shorts pocket without pulling them all the way down. Belts are highly recommended if running will be involved.

– Settles arguments over whose fault it was for not charging devices for long trips. Or short trips for that matter.

– Charges 2 phones at the same time without sacrificing charge time for either device.

– Being a power source for a wifi router* in Shanghai where the port side gets little-to-no damn signal.

– Charging the Samsung Galaxy 2 almost 6 times with having to recharge the battery pack.

– 500x Charge Cycle Guarantee

*By router I meant a knockoff Note II with Foxfi installed (more on FoxFi in a future post.)


– It takes about 12 hours to fully charge the battery pack.

– Another peeve Mica has is the Blue LED light indicator- it is a bit too bright. When it’s charging at night she throws a shirt over the light to cover it up. Easy fix.

Trent Battery Review

We can’t imagine traveling without this piece of gear ever again.

In summary

Function-wise it does its job. Get one and see. Then the next time you’re at an airport with no available plugs (most airports anywhere in the world) you can thank yourself for doing so. The new version of the IMP120D iCarrier charges via micro-USB and does not come with a wall charger, which makes less stuff for you to have to carry. Win-Win. Also, you can get one with a higher juice level, such as the PowerPak + (NT135T), which has a comparable 13500 mAh (milliamp hours) to the one we are reviewing here which has 12000 mAp. We could not see ourselves traveling without this ever again.

Now to find one this size for a little extra laptop juice! We’ll be on the lookout.

Have you considered adding a portable battery pack to your travel gear stash? Any other models you recommend like this?

*We did not receive this for free, this is just an honest review and as always all opinions are our own.

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