Review: X Com Global- Mobile hotspot around the world

Recently in Greece we had the opportunity to test out the X Com Global Mobile Hotspot device. Mobile hotspot you say? Its a great concept- you can pay a fee and get internet anywhere in the world!


We chose Greece as we knew we’d be island hopping-and in the later stages with my mom so we wanted to make sure we could be connected. Plus we still need to keep up with the blog and since we had no idea if we’d have internet since our trip wasn’t planned out, we thought the X Com Global concept would work out well for us. How exactly does it work you ask?


The nice folks at X Com Global sent the device to my mom’s house in Florida and she brought it to us when we met up with her in Santorini. We plugged it in and followed the instructions and it worked right away. Really great idea. 


It is possible to get internet from X Com Global in so many different countries. We will talk about the good and the not so good about using a device like this.

The Good:

– Internet anywhere you are

– We tested it against our apartment rental internet and it was faster

– Good for when you are in an emergency situation and you need internet on the fly

– Instructions are clear and its really easy to set up

– The customer service team responded quickly to our questions 

– You can connect up to 5 devices at once to share internet

– They mail the device to you and send you a return label

The Not So Good:

– We had a faulty wall charging cable which forced us to use our own USB charger- which you might not have handy

– If you have it plugged into your computer to charge, it shuts off the wifi hotspot and restricts you to 1 user

– All of the plans vary from provider to provider around the world and we did not know we had a data limit- the 3rd day we tried to use the device it didn’t work and we had to contact X Com to find out the problem- and they did top us with more data credit so it worked the next day, but as they can’t control how much internet you can use if you need it for heavy internet usage it might not be a good choice for you, we only had 3GB total before we had to ask for more data

– All the mobile internet in the world won’t help you if you are not in an area with coverage; we traveled to an area where the Greek provider didn’t offer service so we spent a few days without internet. This is not the fault of X Com, but of the internet service provider but it was still pretty crappy to not have service as the device was useless for the last week of our trip

– Convenience comes with a price, the service plans are not cheap


Our verdict:

If you are traveling with a group of friends and don’t want to be bothered to get SIM cards everywhere you go, then you can share the cost of the device and make it cheaper for you. Or if you are on a business trip this is a perfect idea for a short term rental. Long term, it is still better to get a SIM card in your currently country and pay the data plan through the phone provider. The concept is great but until the rates go down, it won’t be affordable for us to rent for a long term trip. We do want to mention again the customer service team was brilliant and emailed us back right away- although when the device didn’t work it helped that we could get to an internet cafe so we could email them to help us!

The company and the idea are brilliant. We sent the package back with my mom and she mailed it when she returned to the US. 

Overall if money was no object, we would use this again in a flash.

So what do you think? Have you ever used X Com Global for your global mifi? Would you consider renting a device to give you internet access on a trip? Why or why not?


– Many thanks to the X Com Global team who generously let us test the device on our month-long trip through Greece!