Ricotta Ravioli with Sun-dried Tomato & Sage Cream Sauce


I confess: there are times I don’t want to be in the kitchen for long periods of time. (Gasp! I know!) Those days, when all I want to do is watch my favorite TV series or a good movie, I want to make something quick and easy. So if you’ve got the right ingredients you’ll save yourself heaps of time and still make a tasty meal.

Sometimes you have something similar to what you want to make, so why not cheat right? I’ve got some ready made roasted red pepper pesto in the cupboard somewhere. Half a container of almost expired cream. Don’t be afraid. Use those limp herbs and pretend its a special occasion.


So here’s a cheat dish. One that will always taste good.

Ricotta Ravioli with a sun dried tomato cream sauce
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  1. Sun dried tomatoes in a jar with oil or plain (or sun dried tomato pesto)
  2. garlic (1-3 cloves, we like a lot of garlic)
  3. heavy cream
  4. some ready made ravioli (or make your own)
  5. sage (or any herbs you like that you've got available)
  6. Parmesan cheese
  1. Boil your pasta
  2. Put some olive oil in a pot & cook over medium high heat, careful not to burn. Take your sun dried tomatoes, give them a rough chop and add to the pan. Add the cream and the herbs and cook for a few minutes to combine, add the ravioli & serve immediately. The cream sauce will thicken slightly as it sets.
  3. Add some parmesan cheese.
  1. I didn't include any measurements in this dish because it all matters how much you want to make of course.
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And this photo might look like crap, but I was getting ready to tuck into some fresh made pasta from Gozo island in Malta & I barely remembered to snap this photo with my phone. We didn’t even have a way to grate our Parmesan cheese or a good knife but we made it work. Now excuse me as I go shovel some tacos into my mouth as writing this made me hungry.