RTW Tech Gear: What we’ve got so far

This post has been a long time coming. Now that we are set to take off Wednesday, July 6th for SE Asia, I’ve made a list of our gear.

Somehow, it seems like too much. Or not?


– Canon T2i (named Violet)

Until the Canon 5D Mark III comes out this is what I’ll be shooting with. Its a nice starter camera and pretty lightweight.


– Tamron 17-50mm F 2.8

– Tamron 90mm F 2.8 Macro

– Canon 50mm F 1.4

– Canon 55-250 F5.6

Other Cameras:

– Canon Powershot D10 (named Pablito)

Amazing shots from this little waterproof camera.

– Canon G11

I’m slightly obsessed with this camera now since it does everything my DSLR can do. And its much smaller!

– Diana F+ with an additional Fisheye lens

I’ve given up traveling with all my 35mm but I’m keeping my medium format baby. At least one film camera, right?

Memory Cards:

-2 Eye Fi (Wi-fi) Memory cards 2gb

– 4 16gb Class 10

– 1 8gb Class 10

– 1 4gb Class 4

Other electronic gear:

– 1 Kindle

– 1 Laptop

– 2 ipods

– 2 iPhones (Both Jailbroken and 1 is unlocked as well)

And for this trip, we’ve decided to take our awesome REI Taj 3 Camping Tent. (Lets see how awesome it feels when we get tired of carrying it)


What do you think of our gear? Are there any lenses you would add/trade/remove? Why? Please share your thoughts!



  • Nice! Looks like a lot of gear but I’m sure it will be worth the extra hassle :)

    We backpacked with a tent as well on our first RTW trip. It was damn annoying sometimes carrying a 7 kg tent around everywhere, but we also got some truly incredible experiences we otherwise wouldn’t have had. Have fun!

    • Mica says:

      We executively decided to not bring the tent at the last minute. I hope we don’t regret this! Thank you so much for reading.

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