Selling Your Motorbike in Thailand (Chiang Mai Edition)

So you’ve come to the end of your stay in Thailand and are looking to finally sell your motorbike. You are already armed with a wealth of information since you’ve already been on the other side of the transaction.  The process of selling was considerably easier than the purchasing of the motorbike.  The outline below can guide you in your sale.

Prepping The Bike

The first thing I did was took my bike and got it detailed with a full hard wax and polish.  There is a place on Huay Kaew that does the entire bike in under an hour. I believe it is called Pro Kleen. It’ll cost you a whopping 100 baht ($3).

Making an Ad

The following day I took pictures in my carport and wrote up a simple ad. The ad included how many KM’s the bike had, the inclusion of insurance and green book, and any other “extras” I had for the bike. Once everything was written I registered at and and uploaded my pictures and description.  I included my Thai cell phone number and let potential buyers know that SMS was an ok form of communication. (Key for non-native English speakers) The whole process took all of 45 minutes.

mobile ad on thaivisa


Following Up and Getting More Leads

Both of my ads were approved and up in less than an hour. Within the following hour I had already received an offer of 55000THB.  This was good for negotiating purposes. Now I knew that I could at LEAST get 55K for my bike. (I asked for 63K online)  After a few semi-interested individuals offered a little less, I decided I would shop my bike around to the pros.  Now I didn’t want to spend an enormous amount of time driving around asking people if they wanted to buy my bike  I’d just ask people I was already communicating with. My realtor, the owner of a restaurant I frequent, and even the people who actually sold me the bike in the first place.  That alone gave me multiple offers, all of them reasonable except one.  Then 5 days after I had placed the ad, I received THE CALL.


The individual who made THE CALL wanted to see the bike. So I headed to Tha Pae gate to meet up early in the day.(11AM is early for me) He looks over the bike and takes a few pictures. Even denies the opportunity to test drive it. He says he’ll call me later that night or the following morning.  Well I get an SMS that night offering me close enough to what I wanted.(59k THB) We agree to meet the next afternoon.

Since I had not registered the bike in my name the paperwork was exactly the same as when I had purchased the bike. We had his people look over the bike and paperwork.  It was agreed that he wanted to purchase the bike and just wanted an invoice with my signature confirming the sale. Done.  We counted the money and I was on my way. The meet up and sale together took less than 30 minutes.

59,000 baht in 1000 baht notes.


 **If you have gone through the process of getting the bike in your name you will have to provide  an invoice to the buyer and sign the transfer papers over to the buyer.(Front of Pg 1, Front of Pg 2) The two blacked out spaces are where you would sign.In addition to this, a copy of your Thai Drivers License or Passport will be needed to make the sale final.  Good luck and if you need any assistance whatsoever in Thailand, ask Kyaw at Lucky Rentals( Mobile:089-1915016).  He’s honest, speaks English  and will tell you what is right even if it’s not what you want to hear. You can also leave a question in the comment box below and we’ll try to answer any questions.


We received no discounts or payment for mention of anyone or business on this article.




  • Brad says:

    Great article.

    Where would one get the transfer papers?

    I want to sell my Honda Wave and get a Honda Cub. I was thinking of trading at one of the big shops till they told me they’d only give me B 19000 for my mint condition 2013 Honda Wave 125. I guess I’ll sell it myself and then go for a Cub.

    • Mica says:

      Hi Brad, sorry to take so long to reply, but I did not have a good enough answer and wanted to research this myself. I did happen upon this. If that doesn’t work I am sure any place selling second hand motorbikes would gladly print you some for a small fee 😉 This is where mine came from. Once again apologies for the delay. Please let us know what you ended up doing!

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