My date with a baby scorpion at the Siam Insect Zoo

After my encounter with the fabulous bugs at the insect farm in Malaysia, I was missing my 4-8-12 (you get it) legged friends. I really wanted to see some more insects, as crazy as that sounds. I am one of the converts, the “omg that spider picture looks freakin’ awesome” type. Sometimes I spot leaf insects in the corridors of my apartment building and I sit with them and try to touch them. Call me crazy, but I love touching insects.

Hello scorpion friend!

We took a drive outside of Chiang Mai the other afternoon, on a whim, and I spotted a sign for the Siam Insect Zoo. After tugging on Mike’s sleeve for a bit, and whining ( it works sometimes!), he agreed to stop so I could visit some new friends.

Hola butterfly

We walked around the interior of the Insect Museum, which had the largest display of preserved insects we’d ever seen- and we have visited quite a few museums like this before. So many different species to look at.

Only a small part of the enormous displays they had

 There were not as many butterflies in the garden as I had hoped, but we did catch a glimpse of some beauties, and they were playful- chasing each other all over then enclosure. Some others were content to just lay back and mate on the screen mesh walls.

These two in particular would not stay still! Playful beauties.

While Mike sat on a bench and took a break from the blazing sun, I oohed and ahhed and chased butterflies around for a little while. Any opportunity I have to observe beautiful butterflies I take full advantage of.

Can't believe something so beautiful lives for such a short time

We moved on to the Insect Metamorphosis area, where we were able to see different caterpillars before they become beautiful butterflies.

One of the bigger caterpillars

Another colorful caterpillar in the afternoon light

Even though you might be squeamish about touching insects, caterpillars are harmless- except for the pee and poop pellets they kept letting loose on my hand! After I was done holding all the different types of caterpillars I had green marks all over my hand.

These caterpillars in the upper right corner look like poo droppings but in fact are camouflaged perfectly.

Then it was on to the scorpions! This is when it gets really fun, right?

Black non-poisonous scorpions

My personal favorite of the afternoon: this super cute baby scorpion, who seemed feistier than his adult companions.

Well hello little baby! I dare you to tell me this newborn is not cute.


We were very impressed with this insect zoo, and after speaking with one of the caretakers for a bit, he let us know the zoo would be closing  November 11-30 for renovations. They’d been given a grant from the government to make the facilities even better and we were happy to hear this, as this meant the zoo was being recognized for it’s good work. Be sure to stop by after the renovations and let us know how it looks.

The Siam Insect Zoo can be found through their website and on facebook. The zoo is located on the road to Samoeng if you’re headed there from Chiang Mai. From town, it can be reached by motorbike in about 30 minutes one way.


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