Siq al-Barid (Little Petra) in photos

While visiting Petra in Jordan, I had the opportunity to visit Siq al-Barid, or more affectionately known as Little Petra.

You will need a vehicle to reach this site unless you’re into walking long distances. 

Little Petra was a stopping over point for the Nabateans. Imagine how this place must have hummed with activity back then. Merchants, donkeys, camels, horses, people…imagine the chaos of people coming and going all the time.

Water channels, sisterns and dwellings line the small Siq, 350 meters to be exact.

If you climb up to the Painted House, you’ll see one of the few Nabatean painted interiors that has survived. Protected by bars, the paintings are delicately beautiful. If you look closely you’ll spot a cupid with a bow and arrow, a bird, and a figure playing a flute. Incredible.

Little Petra is not without it’s imposing views. If you have the time I recommend visiting this site. I thought after Petra nothing else could impress me so soon after, but Little Petra has its own charm. I had 3 excursion options and I’m pretty glad I picked this one. 


*My trip to Siq al-Barid was sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board. Thanks to them I experienced the most of Petra in my short stay.