Is Sorbillo the best pizza in Naples?

After checking into our amazing Airbnb apartment in Naples, we noticed our host had kindly left us all kind of food suggestions for us to partake in. Chinese cuisine? A list of places. Fine dining? Another list. And who has the best pizza in Naples? Another list of places to choose from, so after a few minutes of discussing where we should go, we decided to make the trip to Gino Sorbillo to see if this establishment really had the best pizza in Naples…Possibly all of Italy?

What we first noticed when we arrived was the buzz around the street. Literally people spilling out all over the place, blocking the entrance so we really weren’t sure we were at a pizza joint or a nightclub. How could there be so many people waiting to eat pizza? After getting the word that the wait time was about an hour, we decided to leave and try another place. But I couldn’t get the image of all the people waiting around out of my head. If they all were waiting, it must be good right?

We decided to cut back around to Sorbillos and add our name to the wait list, just hoping we’d be called sooner than the expected 45 minute wait time. We parked ourselves in a corner, watching the host shout at people to clear the walkway, listening to him call out peoples’ names in the hopes it would be ours, and sometimes not understanding who had been called at all because of his thick accent. Finally, it was our turn and we were ushered inside to what I thought was a pretty good table, as we faced the window outside and we could people watch!

This unfortunately was a bit sad as well because people could see inside the window and they watched us with sad faces while we devoured our pizza while they wondered when it might be their turn to experience this pizza magic.  Keep up the good wait everyone, your turn will surely come. We ordered two pizzas for eating there and a savory pizza for takeaway, not really sure what to expect from the savory pizza but clearly not wanting to miss anything good.


We really did enjoy our pizza, and I did appreciate the size and flavor of it as well. It was delicious. Crispy, but a bit soft at the inside due to all the cheese and sauce. Still, we inhaled a pizza each and walked home happily with our gigantic box of walnut and white sauce pizza. The menu was in Italian and so not to insult we picked what we thought sounded good and really, the savory pizza was a nice surprise. The best pizza in the world? I’m not sure as I have not had pizza in every country in the world. But I have had my share of good and bad pizza in all my years of traveling, and Sorbillo did not disappoint. I loved the entire experience of it, the from the anticipation of waiting for your name to be called, to the joy you feel when you see your pizza being placed right in front of your face ready for you to devour. And also, if you’re into competitive eating, you should check out this article on Netflights about food challenges and other places around the world to eat lots and lots of food!

Gino Sorbillo, I am sure I will see your pizza again, and I’ll be sending all my friends to experience the Sorbillo pizza magic for themselves.