Picking our own strawberry breakfast in Malaysia

What better way to start your day than to pick your own strawberries? This was my idea before our wander around the Cameron Highlands. We were going to attempt to visit a tea plantation-but not on a tour, just walking there ourselves. Bur first things first-some sweet strawberries to munch on along the way.

Mike grumbled something about buying some that were already picked but I was not having any of it. I wanted to personally select all my little bites of greatness. We took the local 8:30am bus from Tanah Rata and got dropped off right along the highway. A 5 minute walk and we picked the first farm we saw along the road.

5 Minutes after that and I was in strawberry heaven.

Rows and rows of perfect red berries, ripe and juicy and dewy from their recent watering. My mouth quivered. We walked delicately up and down the rows of hydro grown berries.

They’d given us a carton to fill up, and while Mike was busy picking the largest ones, my strategy was to pick the smallest ripest ones I could find so we’d have as many as possible.

We picked off the berries at the stems with our nails and carefully placed our breakfast in the carton. I could not wait to eat them. But pay first, eat later.

We’d managed to pick a full pound of strawberry goodness. And although pricey (around what you’d pay in the US-about 5 bucks) they were worth it. On the way out we watched the workers making a huge vat of strawberry jam. They sold everything strawberry-you name it: jam, ice cream, chocolate berry on a stick, strawberry juice and strawberry pops.

The strawberries lasted about 10 minutes. We stuffed them down-no washing necessary- while making sure not to get run over by the passing cars and trucks, and it was still early enough that even when we left the berry farm there were no other tourists in sight. We recommend getting there early on the local bus for your own leisurely berry picking experience. There are several farms along the road so pick any one that you like!