Sweetner Substitutions

Ahh sugar. I love me some sugar. Sometimes though, too much of anything can be bad. We’re sharing some ways to substitute sugar out and try some new ways to sweeten up your recipes.Here’s how it works:

For every 1/2 cup white sugar, substitute 3/4 of a cup each of any of the substitutions below. Make sure you also deduct the same amount of Liquid Volume. Ex: For every cup you substitute, make sure you subtract 3/4 cup liquid from your recipe (ex. milk) if not the recipe will be watery and thin! Simple and easy.


-I tried to find a picture of this and so far nothing. Basically, its raw dehydrated cane sugar. The most natural form of sugar. Its unbleached. You can find it at any natural food store. It’s a crystal that gets dissolved into a hot liquid.


-Agave nectar can also be called agave syrup. It’s a sweetener produced in Mexico from several species of agave plants. It’s safe for diabetics, and has no residual taste. Its best for baking because it does not have a heavy flavor. Sometimes I like it in my tea.

Honey & Maple syrup

-Best used for baking. I also like honey occasionally on pancakes. Maple syrup is also amazing when used in banana bread recipes.

Brown Rice Syrup

-Brown syrup tastes nutty and sweet. This is good in any chocolate recipe. Or waffles.

If nothing else is available, you can also use unbleached sugar.

Got any other natural sweetener ideas? Share your thoughts below!