Testing Flightfox: does it really save you money?

We’re headed to NZ on a roadtrip and as usual, we’ve begun to scout out the best flight options. After 3 weeks of late night searches I remembered I’d heard of a new company called Flightfox. Flightfox has a brilliant idea. Flight experts from all over the world compete to bring you the best price on a flight.

Sounds too good to be true? 

In the name of science we’re giving it a try. We need tickets for NZ and we’re about a month away from our departure which is usually when we book flights.

I follow the instructions and create a ‘contest’ where I’ll answer a few questions and enter my flight details.

Next I have the option to select how much I’ll pay the experts a fee to do the searching for me. I can spend up to $60 on fees. This may seem like too much, but when you see how much money you can save it might not seem as steep.

Your search can last up to 3 days and all the while you’ll receive updates on new flights that are found for you. You can leave questions for the experts searching for your flight (see above photo).

The only catch is: YOU have to then book your own flight.

This can be an inconvenience when say, you’re not checking your email and you get an update. Its possible that by the time you’re online that flight you wanted is sold out or at a different price. After you’ve booked your flight, you pay the helping expert his/her fee and hopefully you’ve saved some money!

Final results for our contest- Flying from Cairns, QLD to Christchurch, NZ

We had 5 people submit flights for us to review. The problem was, they were giving us the same numbers we had already found ourselves. Nothing cheaper. Also, the first day of the contest, it was erroneously finished. After contacting the Flightfox team the situation was quickly remedied and a new contest was started. I don’t think this harmed the search at all. However, I really thought one of those flight experts could have found a flight to beat what we had found already and it never happened.

My thoughts on this service: it is a good idea, but it needs some work. In our case, and with our restrictions, we were limited. The major problem was finding cheap flights from Cairns to Sydney since it was cheaper to fly to Christchurch from Sydney. If I paid for a service hoping to acquire a cheap flight, and I don’t, I’m going to end up disappointed.

Of course airline flight prices fluctuate and we gave our contest the maximum of 3 days to give our search as much time as was allowed. The very last flight that came in was $100 cheaper but the dates were way off. The flight experts for the most part were polite and one even shared a memory of himself with his wife in New Zealand. Seemingly nice people that tried their best and we appreciated it.

Hopefully more flight experts will join Flightfox and in the future there will be better prices. We did check out some other contests, and some seemed to be saving quite a bit of money. Shame it could not have worked out for us. 

We do recommend that you try Flightfox out for yourself though. You might get fantastic results. We will be using Flightfox again in the future ourselves. You never know when you might get lucky.

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*We were given a free contest in exchange for our opinion on Flightfox but all views are definitely my own.


  • I think it definitely depends on how complicated your flight is, or where it goes towards.

    My first attempt was one way KL to Saskatoon, and the experts only found the same price that a 30 second search on Kayak found. I gave it another try for a one way Saskatoon -> Barcelona, and saved $600 from my Kayak search (about 1/2 price).

    Longer, multi-stop flights, or into areas with a lot of low cost carriers would likely be best I think.

  • Talon says:

    I had similar results when I tested it out. I found cheaper flights doing my own searches, and it didn’t take much time.

    • Mica says:

      That sucks. I was really excited that this would work out good for us but it was not as good as savings some others said they got. Maybe I will try again for tickets to London for WTM.

  • Tim says:

    Flightfox is the only website I use for travel these days. I saved $950 on flight (LAX-ORD-ZUR return). The expert I used was able to find better times and a better route than the one I found myself. Very impressed.

    If you want to give it a try, here is a 25% off coupon: http://bit.ly/WTeXo5

    • Mica says:

      I did not find it saved the most amount of money but I would use it again and others love it as well, another good way to get cheap flights for sure! Glad you saved some money with Flightfox!

  • Erik N says:

    Flightfox is beyond comrehension!

    They charged me 24 dollars for a flight I never took, and that I stated I did not take because I did not get a low enough fare from their “experts”, most of which just use skyscanner.com or momondo anyhow. I did not even know about it except I happened to see it on my bank statement. They autoawarded a guy for giving the same price I found on the airline itself! Nuts!

    Then they change my username without notice, and uses my real name, great going guyz, herd of the INTERNET?

    This site is going down in flames, it is utterly ridiculous how they can keep doing this! The reason I respond here is because they HAVE NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM APART FORM THROUGH COMMENTS ON A CONTEST YOU PUT…. AND THEY CLOSE COMMENTS WHEN THE CONTEST CLOSES. Shit.. my mind is still boggling..

    • Mica says:

      Hi Erik,

      I think they have a pretty good FaceBook page where you could try to contact them if you had any problems, or maybe twitter? Sorry you had such a bad experience with them, maybe you could try on FB to contact them?

  • Nathan Dunning says:

    Flightfox is rubbish, I’ve tried it twice and neither time they were able to come up with anything cheaper than what I found myself.
    It’s a gamble and I won’t be trying again, I think the people who saying how much money they saved are simply people who are not savvy.
    Anybody who is used to hunting for cheap flights will not save a cent on Flightfox.

    • Mica says:

      Aloha Nathan,

      Sorry to hear you had some not so great experiences with Flight Fox. I agree, there are so many variables that can make a flight cheap. Sometimes it comes down to not having the time perhaps to search for flights. Definitely a gamble!

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