The long way by chicken bus to the black sand beaches of Iztapa

I decided I wanted to go to the beach today to check out the black sand. The only other place I’d seen it was Hawaii and I was eager to get a look.¬† We ate breakfast with the girls and went off to do some shopping at the markets. I got a braid in my hair, like Jess and Lisa. It was so cute I couldn’t resist. I got purples and black. After some discussion we decided to take the bus and not taxi to the beach, as it was early and we’d get there soon-it was about 1 1/2 hours to destination Iztapa. Finding one of the chicken buses right around the corner from the market, we asked , of course, si el bus era directo. Directo to Escuintla, and from there another bus to Iztapa… “Well of course, si si”, he emphatically says, and we pause before coming aboard, and 20 minutes later were still sitting there, then we start leaving, and join the hundreds, it seems, of other buses headed in the same direction, and all at a standstill, are frantically honking at each other while swinging wildly out the doors calling out destinations. “San Pedro!!”, “Flores!!”, shit we couldn’t even recognize some of the cities that were being hollered out.
It took 30 minutes to get through the melee. By that time we had figuered out that this bus was going to arrive in Iztapa, but it was going to stop at every possible place it wanted too along the way. I listened to my ipod and pretended we’d be there any minute. It didn’t work well most of the time. The passengers on the bus insisted on sitting 4 to a seat, and someone taking up half sides of both chairs by sitting in the middle making it impossible for people to get by. Mike being so tall was sitting sideways on one chair, and a woman came and plopped down next to me, half on my leg,and I shooed her off, “no , el es my alto, le molesta ” and she got really upset with me, and I tried to tell her there were other seats in the back, and she screamed no, no ghsliehelshgfg at me a couple of times and got off a short while after that. I think she meant she only needed the seat part time. Oh.
After being on that bus for about 2 hours I wanted to jump out. I felt like the whole sunlight was going to be consumed by the time I got there. got grouchy.Finally, he signals to us. Your stop. We get off and hes telling us to wait for the bus to take us to Iztapa. We sit by the wall and figure out we’ll wait a bit to see if the bus comes. Get to talking to two old me and they confirm that a bus is indeed gonna be a coming shortly. After a bit we decided to ask the cab drivers how far we were still from Iztapa, and it turns out, quite far still. About another 45 or so minutes. We caved and bargained¬† and got into a taxi to try and get there as soon as we could. The bus probably would have been another time consumer. And that was the one thing that we did not have alot of on this trip. The driver made good time,and we saw the signs to our destination. There happened to be a small port there also.
An old man came to us, asking if we wanted to take a boat to the beach…I was thinking, is this not the end, the beach? Roberto explained to get where we wanted to go we could just hop into his small boat he’d take us across and return for us at whatever time we wanted. Bought a watermelon and some waters and we went off on Roberto’s boat. 5 minutes later you are across. We happened to be there on a Friday, and the beach was totally deserted,. Roberto said the people that cook in the restaurants and the tourists only come on the weekends so we actually had the whole beach to ourselves, well us and some stray dogs and thousands of crabs that popped out of holes in the sand and scared me silly.