The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away


I am so happy to be in the best place to relive the heydays of the fabulous Beatles..if only for a short time.

I arrived at my hotel, which was so nice since I’ve been sleeping in a hostel for weeks. Checked into my own room and sat on my own private ‘loo. Sigh. Privacy at last.

After walking around a bit, I meet a married fellow from Mexico (of all places) and we took off in a cab to make reservations for the Duck tour, which takes you around Liverpool, and of course my favorite, the Magical Mystery Tour, which is the 2 hour beatles tour.

Yesterday when I was purchasing some things and the tickets for the tour, someone lifted my sunglasses from under my nose! Sneaky little thief!

I also visited the Maritime Musuem, which has intersting history about the way shipping evolved here in England since it started and then it had a somewhat sad section about slavery, slavery was big here, especially slave trading. The whole exhibit was very moving and sad. After seeing that I should have done something like a London show and hotel and treated myself to dinner and a viewing of Wicked. But I digress.

A funny part of the day was during the ‘Duck’ tour in Liverpool. They put you on this yellow boat/big truck with big wheels and first you go around the city looking at all the sights, some of which I had seen yesterday but the guides tell you the history behind the monuments, and at the end of the tour, the big yellow duck goes back to Albert Dock and SPLASH ! right it goes into the water,┬áthen you go for a water tour along the river Mersey, and thats also quite nice views, and today was another beautiful day in Liverpool. I was told the weather here was quite nasty but I have had a bit of luck, you could say the weather was sunny, nice and actually quite hot at one point, but I am not┬ácomplaining.

After that tour, I went round to the Beatles Story musuem, and that was what I was waiting for. Very Interesting, I thought I knew all there was to know and of course I learned a whole bunch of stuff with the headset they give you. Also squeezed in the 2:30 Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles..My Fab Four. If I would have been around back then I would have suffered from Beatle Mania. A 2 hour tour all around the city to show you the houses they were born, where they lived, grew up, played together, wrote songs together, u get the picture. I saw Abbey Road, Strawberry Field,(which is not a field its actually a now shut down place where they had a home for children) and Penny Lane.

The good thing about being with the ‘married mexican’ was that he was able to take my picture next to all these things that I had always wanted to see. We ended up picking up some drunk Englishmen along the way they invaded the bus, someone complained and they were booted off.

The tour ended at the Cavern Club where they played a record something like 350 times. The whole day completely lived up to my expectations and I knew I’d remember it for years. I didn’t care that I’d been robbed of my expensive sunglasses.. I was finally traveling and visiting the places I’d always dreamed of. Fair trade to me.

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  • Nice article. I love Liverpool so I’m glad you enjoyed it. And so have you seen Wicked yet? My aunt went to see Wicked at the weekend and was surprised when it wasn’t the Wizard of OZ – oops! Don’t make the same mistake :-)

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