Farm to table delicacies & Vietnamese luxury at The Nam Hai

Luxury in Hoi An- The beautiful beach villas at the Nam Hai

Our month in Vietnam was one of the highlights of the end of 2015. In retrospect, one month was not enough. There is way too much delicious food to devour, spectacular scenery to explore, and new adventures to embark on. Swimming in caves, taking coastal trains, learning about Vietnamese cuisine, and observing the Vietnamese way of life left us hungry for more every single day. By the time our train pulled into the De Nang station, we were ready to hit the beaches of Hoi An that we had heard so much about. Getting some custom made clothes was also on the list of things to do. But before our fittings, we had a date. A lunch date at one of most luxurious properties we’d ever set eyes on.

The Nam Hai private villa

We’d been invited to lunch and a tour of the gorgeous Nam Hai, where over 100 villas were tucked away, blending in with the oceanfront landscape. Over 60 1-bedroom villas and 40 private pool villas (with butler services) awaited those who seek seclusion and privacy along the most beautiful stretch of beach in Hoi An.  The architecture and detail to each villa left us with our mouths open at every stop. No detail had been overlooked here. It was a beachfront Eden, owned by the General Hotel Management (GHM), who also manage many other luxury hotels and boutique resorts all around the world.

Besides all of the attractions of Hoi An’s old town, and the nearby World Heritage Sites, you could spend the whole day lost in the tranquility of your villa, or take a spa treatment or two, taken either in the onsite spa or in your private quarters.

The Nam Hai Spa

The gift shop was beautiful, with the most exquisite & delicate items available for purchase. 

The Nam Hai shop

The Nam Hai shop

The villas had so many nice personal touches to them. One of my favorites was this wooden ladle outside of the deck area where, upon returning from the beach, you could wash your feet free of sand before stepping back into your villa.


Looking out over the glass doors leading out of the villas I wondered how people managed to drag themselves out of the villas at all. I think we would just swim in between meals and return to the serenity of the beach views.


And what to eat? That is my favorite part of the Nam Hai. As a former line cook,  I was most excited about the end of my visit when I’d get to see the garden.

The Nam Hai has it’s own on-site garden where they grow fruits and vegetables for the meals served in the restaurants. I was led to the gardens in the golf cart, taking in all of the banana and mango trees. The gardens were much bigger than I had imagined. Farm to table goodness! This is how all restaurants should serve food- hopefully growing some of it on site. Then you truly know where your food is coming from.

Farm to table The Nam Hai garden


Look at all the fresh herbs and bean sprouts!

Look at all the fresh herbs and bean sprouts!

I felt right at home among all the veggies and herbs growing. I believe the dining experience is enhanced when you truly get to see where your food is coming from. You could also take a cooking class with the Executive Chef during your stay.

Now lets talk about lunch! We couldn’t decide what to have so we had a little bit of everything. I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking, but the food was insanely good. And I have really high standards.

Roast beetroot salad with candied walnut, fennel, rocket, goat cheese & yoghurt puree

Roast beetroot salad with candied walnut, fennel, rocket, goat cheese & yoghurt puree

Bouillabaisse- Red snapper, clams, mussels, calamari, prawns, parsley, fennel, tomato

Goi Bo- Lime marinated beef salad, morning glory, tomato, onion, Nam Hai garden herbs

Goi Bo- Lime marinated beef salad, morning glory, tomato, onion, Nam Hai garden herbs

Goi Hua Chuoi- Banana flower salad, smoked duck, shallots, Nam Hai garden herbs

Vietnamese coffee afogato- delicious

We finished off our lunch with a stroll around the beach, enjoying the sun on our faces. Lunch had exceeded all of our expectations, but then again Vietnamese cuisine in general blew us away. If you were thinking of planning a relaxing visit to Vietnam, I highly recommend booking a few days at the most luxurious accommodations in Vietnam here at the Nam Hai. I had some friends who celebrated a birthday in SE Asia, just before we visited the Nam Hai, and I couldn’t wait to tell them they missed out by not booking a villa here which would have been the ultimate special occasion celebration. We definitely imagine ourselves staying here in the future. We didn’t even want to leave after lunch!

To book a villa at The Nam Hai, or to check out more photos of the property, click HERE.


I wish to thank each and every person who made us feel so welcome during our visit. We did receive a complimentary lunch and a tour, but all opinions are our own.


  • Edwina says:

    That looks amazing! We’re going to be in Hoi An towards the end of this month so may stop by there to check it out, maybe have some desserts…
    I’m a fan of those wooden ladles too, they seem to be all over Vietnam. It feels like a nice ritual to use them, much better than a normal tap or garden hose…

    • Mica says:

      Hi Edwina! The desserts were very tasty. Well worth stopping by if only for lunch or dinner, or just dessert! If you do go, let me know how you liked it!

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