The new Wild Junket Magazine-simply gorgeous

Just about every dream in life is certainly possible- albeit a creative mind, splendid writing, and true passion can certainly help your dreams come true quicker!

These are the qualities that the creator of Wild Junket posses. Wild Junket is the newest, hottest travel magazine recently launched by the brilliant Nellie who owns the uber popular travel blog of the same name, Wild Junket.

According to Nellie: “As an international adventure magazine, we cover offbeat destinations, outdoorsy activities, unusual corners of the world, special interest journeys and deep cultural experiences. Our stories range from engaging narrative accounts to photo essays to short dispatches and food articles. Each section presents a different aspect of travel, so be prepared to be entertained and inspired on different levels. Expect a visual feast as we bring what we see on the road right to your screen.”

The First Cover of Wild Junket

The first issue is jam packed with adventures from all corners of the globe, including mouth watering photography. You’ll definitely be feeling inspired and hungry for more travel! I was amazed at all of the interesting stories.

Current Issue #1:

  • ARCTIC: Icebergs, glaciers and polar bears
  • NAMIBIA: Secrets of the world’s oldest desert
  • OMAN: Dhofar’s frankincense trail
  • LAPLAND: Sámi traditions in Sweden
  • CHINA: 10-page guide to the Middle Kingdom
The rest of Issue #1 includes:
  • Trip Ideas: 10 wildlife trips
  • Under the Radar: Macedonia
  • Dispatches: Nepal
  • Just Back: Austria
  • Feast: Hyderabad, India
  • Stay: Turkey Cave Hotel

Adventure travel spanning the globe

I just finished reading the magazine and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The amount of work and love that Nellie and her husband Alberto have put into this definitely shows. It’s such a professional piece of work!!! I wish them much success with this new venture and I do encourage everyone to go out and purchase a yearly subscription!

Get a whole year for $14.95

Get the first copy for $2.95

I’m not making any money off these links, just though I’d throw them up there because I am super proud to belong to a community that not only writes blogs, but proves that with dedication it is possible to keep growing and accomplishing what you put your mind to! Nellie, I look forward to the next issue, and I hope to contribute something very soon! 


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