5 minutes in Rome & arriving early to Florence


greeetins, everyone,. As u may know i went to Rome- had a crisis and decided iI had to keep on movin. I think I was there for about 5 hours, then i left. Right as I got off the train the lock on my backpack got stuck and I had to find a place to cut it for me. Not good.  I didnt like the hostel i stayed at and, well, it was crowded and raining, and i just decided what the heck i will head to Florence tonight!! Not so bad, got on the train and got to Florence last night, found a cheap hostel,.Florence was great there were so many hostels and I just keep going to them until I found one with a bed for me. I decided to shower ( good choice) and being hungry I went out and found a great restaurante, had some red wine in a jug and some pasta ( as if I’d eat anything else!) And just walked around for a bit enjoying the cool night air. Found a cafe to type, Had myself a smoke and off to bed. Lets see what awaits tomorrow.