Venice has my heart



I have fallen in love ….not with someone, with something! I am in love with the beautiful city of Venezia, where the heat, bugs, and gondoliers make for a wonderful combination of love and hate. The mosquitoes are feasting on me.

I am still in Venezia because I just love this city surrounded by water. I’m obsessed with riding vaporettos for transportation, and now I use the local lines, so I don’t bump into tourists. I am living with a Venetian family and am seeing the city through locals eyes. I learned that the Venice Film Festival was happening and they were going to see a movie, so we went together last night to see the Four Brothers at a midnite screening., SO awesome just to be there near the Festival and see all the people and the tents for the different film companies, and all the press. The only thing I have not done yet is take a Venice gondola ride, lets see when I schedule that in. I see heaps of people doing them so I might wait till sunset to make it even more special.

All aboard!

Laying out on the beach has been wonderful. If not for the terrible mosquitoes I am sure I would be loving it more but I know they have to eat too.

Today there is a another festival, a race on the water, a secret event I’m going to-and I will take lots of pictures to show you all. I am not going to Napoli.  Changed my plans, I’ve been in Venice for 4 days and I tell you I would stay here forever. Its really grand and romantic and just beautiful. I have a key a key to my temporary digs and bascially go food shopping and hang out and cook and drink. Funny to me that they really do eat Pasta Barilla here! I thought it was just a cheesy commerical, but they all buy pasta Barilla.

 Who knew? I mean, did you?