Video: Typical Saturday Market in Dalyan, Turkey

Video: Typical Saturday Market in Dalyan, Turkey

We have so much to write about Turkey still. More food, sadness, adventures-all the things that happened during the 3 months we spent in the little fishing village of Dalyan housesitting. 

My favorite part of the week was always Saturday as this was market day and the day I got to see all of my favorite food vendors. This was the day to see what new fruits and vegetables were on offer. Every Saturday we gathered our coins in the little leather wallet (given to us as a welcome present by our fruit & nut vendor) and grocery cart and walked into town to stock up on fresh, local produce. We’ve made a short video to show you what Saturday market day was like for us.



Some of my favorite characters make an appearance in the video, and while I was filming they referred to me as the ‘paparazzi”. The whole time we lived there, I never took my camera to the market. Only when we got ready to go did I bring it with us to introduce you to the potato/onion guy, who was nice from the beginning and helped us learn our numbers, and the produce guy who was sweet even though some weeks he wasn’t there so we had to ‘cheat’ on him and go with the guy in the stall across the way, and my personal favorite- the bad ass chain smoking Turkish woman who sold us our fruit leather and blackberries, but wait- I can’t forget about my baker, who always forced me to ask for breads in Turkish numbers and waited while I sifted through my change. I will miss him the most.

All of these lovely souls made our 3 months of life in this town much more easy and we shall miss them dearly. 

It’s these people you meet that make traveling worthwhile, as we believe its really about the experience-the connection you make with the people through food and language, however little of it you might speak, a little smile and trying your best will go a long way. We are missing it so much we are already considering where to go for our Turkey holidays 2014