Volunteering with children in Cusco at Aldea Yanapay

Yuri and the children of Aldea Yanapay

This fantastic NGO program is run by the amazing Yuri. He works tirelessly so that the children of Cusco can have a better future. The program is supported monetarily  these days in several ways: by donations, staying at the Hostal Magico, or eating at the Yanapay Restaurant, a fun environment where playing dress-up is encouraged and the food is fresh and tasty.

Some facts about Aldea Yanapay:

-Aldea Yanapay is a non-profit organisation, founded by Yuri Valencia.

-In 2005, Yuri started a volunteer program, and the first website was born – http://www.aldeayanapay.org/.

I volunteered for 3 weeks with Yuri working at the school in the afternoons. Some great memories were created in those weeks. We did activities out of the classroom, shamelessly promoted the school all over town, and the kids are great. Since being back in Cusco I’ve been back to visit at the school and it’s never short of awesome volunteers helping out.

Here is some contact info if you’re in Cusco and have at least a week to spare, and would like to Volunteer at a great project!

As listed above, the main website is:  Aldea Yanapay

Want to stay in the Hostal Magico? A chill hostel in Cusco,  all proceeds go towards funding the Yanapay Projects: Hostal Magico

Find them on Facebook: Aldea Yanapay or Cafe Restaurant Aldea Yanapay