Wats of the 107 Highway in Chiang Mai

One of the roads leading out of Chiang Mai is a popular route called the 107. There are many temples (Wats) along the roadside that you can stop and view.

Our first stop

The first 2 Temples were deserted-we had no idea if this was normal or if was just the time of day we were visiting.

Even the ceilings are decorated

It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Details are colorful

With no other tourists, or monks, or anyone in sight we’d stop at each wat and observe silently.

I decided to include the sun's beams in the photos

A covered area with the monks' offering bowls

Some of the temples had intricate drawings

The last wat we visited we encountered a couple of men doing some kind of construction and taking a lunch break. One of them smiled at us and tried to speak a few Thai words, but with our limited vocabulary we were unable to understand much. Nevertheless, his smile never wavered and we took a few quick photos and waved goodbye.

Sun flares on dragon

Our last stop

There are many temples around Chiang Mai- close to the old city & even on the 107 highway. Rent a motorbike and take a slow drive outside of the center of Chiang Mai to discover something new. I’d post the names of these wats but I’d be lying if I said I knew what they were called, as all the signs were in Thai and there was no one around to ask. You can still admire them without knowing what they’re called.

Have you been to any temples on the 107 highway?


  • Amazing architecture!

  • Stunning!! You captured the wats so beautifully. When I walked through them, I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of each of them. I love Doi Sutep (sp?) … it was pretty, even under the cover of clouds and rain pelting us.

    • Mica says:

      Funny you say you love the Wat on the mountaintop (as we refer to- we can see it everynight glowing at us on our balcony). We took a trip up there the other day and decided not to pay to enter. We just took photos of the views on the way down from a lookout point, but I did see that it was beautiful. I am on a mission to see as many as I can. Some of them are like “wow”!

  • Sebastian says:

    Amazing pictures! Very beautiful, I can’t wait to go there next year!

  • Audrey says:

    Amazing post! I love the photos of the wats. Such intricate detail!

  • Michi says:

    Ahh, I’m still dying to go to Southeast Asia and see everything there, and eat all of the great food. Your pictures of the temples are beautiful. It would definitely be a nice change from the cathedrals here!

    • Mica says:

      We can switch. I can watch your house for you in Spain! But, I have no house for you to sit over here…still…I’ll keep an eye on your place anytime! Although I’d much rather visit when you’re there so we can meet up and stuff our faces! SE Asia has been great but I miss Peru a lot still.

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