Our secret (old favorite) bar spot in Bangkok

Confession time.

I wasn’t crazy about Bangkok. Maybe it’s just that I got used to smaller cities, cooler weather, and since expat living and massive amounts of shopping don’t really go together I couldn’t figure out what else we’d do there after a few days. Damaging my liver and visiting temples were all well and good but you can only do so much of each. And we’d really only just done a lot of eating so far. I wanted to visit some rooftop bars but just starting out on our Asia trip meant I wasn’t ready to start splurging on expensive drinks.

And then, on a whim, WTF?

A Muay Thai Punch

The WTF bar is part bar, part art gallery. The tapas menu completely surprised me. Croquetas with manchego and ham? Spinach and feta salad?  Chorizo & chickpea stew? I’d somehow forgotten that Bangkok is a mecca of food, not just Pad Thai.

The night’s menu

I had a cocktail that made me so happy, I never wanted to leave. The food was divine, the atmosphere was so chill-a mixture of locals and foreigners, and I wondered how they’d even found this place. We drove up and down the same street for a while before we finally spotted it.


We tried to go upstairs to visit the gallery but it was closed. Apparently WTF stands for Wonderful Thai Friendships-the coasters say Where Time Forgets- but interpret the 3 letters however you’d like to.

Spinach Feta Salad, Manchego Cheese with jam, crusty french bread

We never wanted to leave. I loved loved this place. When I get back to Bangkok, you’ll find me here. Waiting for the bartender to finish making my fabulous cocktail.

He’s making my favorite drink!

Don’t tell anyone, but when we left I took my drink coaster with me as a little reminder that I hadn’t dreamed this heavenly piece of Bangkok.


WTF  Bar & Gallery

Sukhumvit 51

Restaurant/bar open Tuesday-Sunday 6pm-1am. Gallery open 3pm-10pm.

Tel: +66 (0)2 626 6246


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