Hawaii eco-friendly zip-line adventure

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One of the adventures I remember the most from the Big Island of Hawaii was my zip-lining day with Kapohokine Adventures. This awesome company is so earth friendly it’s kinda unbelievable.

I’ve had the opportunity to try zip-lining all over the world and usually you just get a pair of gloves so you can help break your speed at the end. Kapohokine adventures uses this nifty new state-of-the-art magnetic zipSTOP braking system. A fully automatic self-regulating magnetic braking system, the zipSTOPs have the ability to safely and comfortably bring guests to a stop from any speed. Pretty cool! You’ll see an example of this braking system in my video below.

My tour began in Hilo which is a relaxed, waterfront town with lots of funky cafes, healthy eateries and quirky shops. I was loaded into the shuttle so we could start our adventure. Before we got to the first stop though, we drove through a macadamia nut farm and I noticed the women hand picking the mac nuts. Hint: This is why they’re so expensive!


I really liked that every line on the course had two side-by-side zip lines, so you and your partner get to enjoy the ocean views high above Hilo at the same time! I was able to see as far as Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea. For me personally line 4 was my favorite as we zoomed over a 120 foot waterfall. Not every day you get to experience that! Halfway through the trip we ended up at Hale Ho’onanea, or “house of peace”. You take a short break for water and snacks while catching a glimpse of another beautiful waterfall.


Now this is where you get a firsthand look at some of the eco-friendly practices at Kapohokine Adventures. They do cool things like:

⇒Use washable plates and silverware rather than plastic and paper on every tour for every meal to radically reduce contribution to our island’s solid waste problem.

⇒Reusable serving bowls, platters, and utensils are used at every meal.

⇒Guides use waterbottles instead of bottled water, and our water bottles are non-leaching and toxin-free food grade stainless steel from Kleen Kanteen, unlike the less expensive polycarbonate and HDPE bottles made from petro-chemicals.

⇒Use washable towels to clean vehicles and for the cool oshiburis (nice cold towels for your hands and face, see photo below!) enjoyed by guests rather than paper or disposable.

And everything gets recycled. See? Talk about environmentally trying to make a difference.

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My favorite part of the whole day was getting to hang out with the super friendly crew: Matt, Daeuz, Tiare & Sarah- what a fun group of people, clearly loving their job (who wouldn’t right?) and I really enjoyed the little tibits of info Sarah would throw out along the drive to the drop spot and back.


Check out the video I made with the help of a GoPro 2 I borrowed from a friend!



I think everyone should instill at least 1 practice in their daily routine to help keep our planet earth clean. And sometimes, when I get to work with companies like Kapohokine  Adventures that also share the same principles I do on our environment, well- that is just super ALOHA. Living in Hawaii has really made me appreciate the earth so much more.

In your travel experiences have you worked with a company that stood out because of their eco-friendly practices? Let us know in the comments below!


Kapohokine Adventures website

Kapohokine Adventures on Facebook


This zip-lining adventure was made possible thanks to a partnership with Kapohokine Adventures, however all reviews/content/opinions expressed are entirely my own.



  • Edwin Rodriguez says:

    Like all photos shoot and beautiful places. hope you enjoyed it Baby, and
    Wish you Both a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love U, Miss U.
    Daddy. :)

  • natasha says:

    where did you get that helmet and go pro 2

    • Mica says:

      We have the GoPro 4 , you can get it anywhere online. I’ll have to check the helmet I got it online somewhere!

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