On the train to Interlaken taking in the views


Hello ALL!!!!

Switzerland is just fantastic. I cannot even find the words to describe all the beautiful stuff i am seeing here. Its mountains all over the place, tall ones, and so much great flower boxes, and cows with actual bells on them, like i feel like yelling RICOLA!!!! Anyhoo went on my senic train solo today, it was great u take a bus to Laterbrunnen, because of the floods there were here last week, i think i wrote about them , they had the worst floods in a century here last week so alot of the rail ways were washed out and also the grocery store got flooded, it was apparently very bad, but now they are doing better. So i take this bus and then i get on start of my senic train, MOUNTAIN VIEW AWESOME, its like so close u can reach out and touch the trees while on the train, the windows open , and every so often they stop and let u off so u can photograph things, i took tons of amazing photos, too bad i cannot upload them on these computers, anyway u all will seee them when i get back all the way up! . Got off one train hopped on anoher to go to the TOP OF EUROPE, it really is the highest point in Europe, the swiss alps, it goes up about 12,000 feet, the top of the Junfrau mountain is acutally 13,000 but the train stops at 12000. So take that last train to the top and u travel though tunnels and on clifs, its really grand. A once in a lifetime thing to do. So well then at the top u get out into this cave and its really cold, i had on 4 shirts 2 socks and my scarf, and u can decide what u want to do, there is skiing, and husky dogs rides, and this cable thing that they attach u to and u sort of zip down for a bit, and u can also hike these trails in the snow, and also see the ice glacier palaces, so much to do!! So when i got into the acutal entrance to the mountain, and i left the tunnel, into the snow, onto the moutain, oh my. it was sunny, beautiful weather, and it was so hot i actually had to take stuff off!! So the husky dogs were out of commision cause it was so hot probably like 50 or 55 degrees, too hot apparently for the dogs, so i had to buy some shades cause i was really blind, then decided to try something new, and i did the cable ride, u go pay and they harness u up, then u walk up this mountain and go to the woman and she attaches your cable to the line and u just jump off the edge and zip on down to the bottom!!! sort of scary, the woman was like oh, just run and jump off, i was like i dont even want to walk off!! well anyhow i end up running off yelling and zip! away i went i was so very cool. then i went to check out the glaciers, and this sphinx observation tower, took a picture at the plateau, what an amazing day, then took the train down about 3:30, which was amazing u get the same views, got some food at the market and came back to chill, what a ssuper sssuper day. Tomorrow leave for Venice, and i checked the weather, its going to be as hot as Florida, so at least i can wear my skirts and my sandals and get out of my jeans and hiking boots!!! Looking forward to Venice will miss the swiss. Our room has the most spectacular view to the mountains, and it has a balcony i sit on it and smoke my ciggys and wow for 18 francs u cant beat that.!!! Ciao, on to Italy!!!